APAICI Foundation

The main purpose of this foundation is to support the less fortunate children in the world, especially orphans, and / or to provide basic life needs in the areas of shelter, education and health care.

The underlying motivation for the creation of this foundation is simply creating or looking for a “good” place to drop all of my (Musa Bos // B.H. Liem, creator of the foundation) joyful possessions (at least half of the revenue of the currently main clinic in Wormer, a single-family home) for the good and/or happiness of the many rather the few: my family versus a third world village in e.g India, Africa and / or Indonesia.

You are of course also invited… challenged to do the same…

So neither fame, money nor idealism or belief (e.g. improving the world) lies at the base of the erection of this foundation.

The reason for dropping is actually very simple for me: I want to leave … mmmm … I just want to meditate 24/7 … in the most uncomfortable and difficult conditions like Lama Govinda the Mountain Yogi has done in the last 20 years . I take his place and am curious how long I will last there. And I invite everyone to be with me there… and for now in The Netherlands at the House El Shaddai at Gruttostraat 18, 1531 WR Wormer…

More information can be found in the Cloud Drive:

APAICI administration (Cloud Drive)

It is important to be able to be completely transparent… to be dead honest… and above all to be responsible… ability to respond, to answer any questions…

A few shortcuts:

RSIN (identification number for legal entities and associations) / Fiscal Code: 8583 935 66

Chamber of Commerce number 70611149
Business Register Chamber of Commerce: Standard Industrial Classifications-code: 94993

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The Netherlands:



Name and Logo explanation.

At the center of the diagram is the schematic representation of Laminin in the logo. It is the symbol of Christ that govern our universe. He is the top. All other materialisations including us humans fall under His supervision. In the universe that we know, everything is created for Him solely and His glory.

  • As a cross represented: Colossians 1: 15-17
  • Presented as a sword: Hebrews 4: 12-13
  • The anchor as a total picture: Hebrews 6: 19-20.

Laminin, the best protein cell ever. Laminin is the most important non-collagen component of the basal lamina, such as the one with which all cells are connected to an epithelium.
It is the one protein cell that keeps everything together. Without laminin everything falls apart.
Laminin is essential in keeping the total body structures together. Laminin is found in every living thing or something that contains a protein.

The background, the clear sky in the evening where the stars are clearly visible, symbolises the darkness in which God shines His Light and on of all it’s stars (we humans). And the anchor symbolises Him who functions as THE All Source of Light where everyone will find safe, rock solid base and protection.

APA means “what” in Indonesian, Furthermore, it can also be abbreviated as:
Agapé Problem Analysys, Algorithm, Activation, Attack – encounter a problem with Love Algorithmically.

ICI in English read letter by letter means “I see I” → I see myself. ICI can also have these abbreviations:
Information, Communication and Integration – life should not initially depend on information, but Communication remains essential for our existence, communication that is not based on information but on unconditional Love that ultimately leads to integration. Intuition is therefore the best source of “information”.